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Hi Students,

Please take advantage of the below scheme to learn “free” business course from Anna’s Cooking Arts.

The Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Bonus, announced in Budget 2013, gives Singapore companies a dollar-for-dollar matching cash bonus for 3 years (from Year of Assessment 2013 to YA 2015), subject to an overall cap of $15,000 for all 3 YAs combined.

The PIC bonus is given over and above the existing 400% tax deductions/allowances and/or 60% cash payout (“PIC cash payout”) under the PIC scheme.

To enjoy the PIC Bonus, businesses must have made a claim for the 400% tax deductions/allowances and/or the PIC cash payout.( terms and conditions apply)

Call Jack 98556862 for more info . We can assist you with the claim.